Product code: TSM0211200
  • synchronous motor for small electric vehicles, pumping equipment and ventilation systems
  • rated power 5.9 kW
  • torque up to 80 N * m (in S2 mode) over the entire speed range
  • high-quality aluminum case with built-in absolute encoder
  • composite 3-phase stator with integrated temperature sensor
  • efficiency up to 98%
  • weight 13 kg


Wide temperature range   Absence of magnetic cogging ensure noiseless operation without vibration   Composite 3-phase CCSC-3 stator   Rotor with nickel-plated permanent neodymium (NdFeB) magnets   Durable body coating protects the surface from mechanical damage and weather exposure

Durable and lightweight die cast aluminium housing   Built in absolute encoder for accurate rotation control   Power coefficient is 0,98   Magnetic Field Focusing techology for output power increase by 25%   Air cooling


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Асинхронный электромотор

Asynchronous electric motor

The EM-I-1500 MK2 synchronous electric motor is an improved version of the EM-I-1500. Major improvements to MK2 (Mark-2) are aimed at ease of integration, increased ease of installation and configuration of electric drives for many industries, from industrial automation to small electric transport. Unlike the EM-I-1500, the EM-I-1500 MK2 has an oversized hollow shaft and a standard flange mount. These design improvements significantly expand the scope of application of the EM-I-1500 MK2, making it easier to replace the classic general industrial electric drives “asynchronous electric motor with a gearbox” with a capacity of up to 6 kW for a synchronous electric drive EM-I-1500 MK2 with a significant reduction in the reduction ratio or even complete rejection of the gearbox ( change to direct drive). This “upgrade” of the electric drive provides not only an impressive reduction in the mass and dimensions of the electric motor (more than 4 times!), But also an unusually high efficiency – up to 98.5%!

When the EM-I-1500 MK2 is switched from motor to generator mode, a high-torque “electronic braking” mode is provided, and the efficiency of energy recovery at speeds close to nominal can reach 98.5%.

Reinforced composite stator

Reinforced composite stator CCSC-3 is the strongest part of the EM-I series electric motor

Despite its light weight, the EM-I-1500 MK2 has high mechanical strength thanks to the patented CCSC-3 composite stator. and a reinforced hub with two SKF bearings. CCSC-3 technology provides almost complete absence of the so-called “magnetic sticking” (0.1 N * m), as well as maximum power factor with cos φ = 0.98!

The high-quality aluminum housing EM-I-1500 MK2 is manufactured by injection molding and powder coating, which is resistant to shock and other mechanical influences.

Аn example of using EM-I-1500 MK2 as part of a variable pump for viscous and abrasive liquids

An example of using EM-I-1500 MK2 as part of a variable pump for viscous and abrasive liquids NRP 065

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Rated power, kW:

Rated speed, rpm:

Voltage of invertor drive, V:

Speed range, rpm:

Number of phases:

Rated phase current, A:

Maximum phase current, A:

Efficiency at rated rpm, %:

Insulation class:

Operating temperature range, degrees Celsius:

Rated torque (S1 mode), N*m:

Maximum torque, N * m:

Protection class:

Unit weight, kg:

Dimensions, mm:

Specific torque @ rated power, N*m/kg:

Moment of inertia of the rotor, kg*sq.m:

Dimensional drawing EM-I Mk2 Dimensional drawing EM-I Mk2
3D-model EM-I Mk2 3D-model EM-I Mk2