Unfortunately, there is no universal electric motor for all occasions. At the end of the 20th century, this problem was partially solved by standardizing a whole category of electric motors. However, in modern conditions and with new approaches to the development and implementation of complex “digital” systems, the requirements for electric motors have increased significantly and become more complicated. At the same time, new standards for electric motors have not yet been developed anywhere.To solve this problem, we have created for you several series of basic models of electric motors at once, which can be adapted quite quickly and at relatively low cost to applied industry tasks and systems.

Interested in custom made electric motors? To receive a commercial offer from us, we suggest you take 3 simple steps:

Step 1. According to the basic characteristics, select the most suitable basic motor module in our catalog and click the “ORDER” button.

Step 2. Fill out a questionnaire with individual characteristics, including your requirements for power supply, electrical and mechanical interfaces, operating conditions and required quantities.

Step 3. Enter your contact information and click the SEND button.

Ordering the right engine is no easy task. If you are not well versed in electric drives, and it may be difficult for you to complete the 2nd step, we suggest that you select the most suitable application example of an electric motor from the catalog and click the “ORDER” button next to it. In this case, at the 2nd step, the questionnaire will be filled in with the characteristics of the selected application example, and you will only have to correct and supplement the individual fields of the questionnaire.

You can also just call us or order an electric motor by requesting call back.

We will promptly process your request and either ask you clarifying questions in response, or immediately send you a preliminary estimate of the time and cost of production.

Our team is focused on fruitful and long-term cooperation with companies that specialize in the development and production of modern systems and equipment in various industries. Contact us if you need the best custom electric motor!

Important! Private individuals, unfortunately, will not yet be able to use our services and purchase our products.