Electroment Project was created in 2012 by the team of experienced professionals in R&D, serial production and implementation of modern synchronous electrical machines with permanent magnets (motors and generators) in all sectors of economy. A wide range of EM, AEM and iEM series may be applied both to the most economical universal electric motors and power drives with record performance.




Why synchronous electric motors?

Dolivo-Dobrovolsky built his first three-phase asynchronous motor in the winter of 1889. After he received a patent for his rotor in 1889, his device has not changed fundamentally until the present. Despite a number of significant shortcomings of asynchronous electric motors, their success was due to the technological capabilities of the industry of the third technological order, as well as low environmental standards. In the mid of 2010s the scientific, technical and technological conditions have matured for the transition to the fourth technological order, in which the requirements for the characteristics of electric drives and systems increased significantly. At the same time, modern scientific and technological level of development allows organizing mass production of synchronous electric drives, which can successfully compete with asynchronous electric drives not only in terms of key characteristics, but also manufacturing cost due to significantly lower material consumption, high technological efficiency of mass production and low development cost, good suitability for digital and IT technologies.

Why precisely «Electroment»?

Protection of developments and technological know-how:

Highly qualified project specialists develop and implement electric drives with characteristics at the level of the best known models. Such results are provided by the introduction of new ideas and unique technological solutions that are protected by Russian and international patents at the R&D stage.







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