Product code: iEM-06w

Universal Liquid-Cooled Motor Base Module

  • Independently excited synchronous motor
  • high torque – from 160 to 280 N·m
  • modular hollow shaft design allows 2 or 3 modules to be cascaded on the same shaft
  • Efficiency > 94%
  • weight 16.7 kg
  • Ultra-low rotor inertia
  • liquid forced cooling
  • individually equipped with an insert shaft with keyed or splined connection, flange mounting, temperature sensor and encoder
  • possibility of control from universal general industrial frequency converters for synchronous electric motors
  • small magnetic sticking
  • efficient generator mode
  • Modern composite materials in the design of the stator and rotor

Hollow shaft modular design   Composite materials in stator and rotor design   Durable body coating protects the surface from mechanical damage and weather exposure   Wide temperature range   Forced liquid cooling

Low rotor magnetic "sticking"


Main modifications

Motor modules of this series can have the following modifications:

iEM-06w – standard version with forced liquid cooling and basic specifications. Priorities are low price and maximum import substitution while ensuring high specific characteristics.


iEM-06Lw are forced liquid-cooled modules with improved or maximum specific characteristics relative to standard iEM-06w modules. Priority – high or limiting specific characteristics in its class (specific torque or specific power). Limited import substitution for the Russian Federation, since imported materials and components are used to obtain the best specific characteristics. As a rule, they are produced in limited quantities due to the relatively higher cost of products of this modification.

Modular scaling:

Electric drives based on electric motors iEM-06w / iEM-06Lw can be easily scaled up by connecting two or three modules on a single insert shaft:


Included items:

The basic package of iEM-06w includes:

  • electric motor iEM-06w;
  • Standard Flange Adapter (See Dimension Drawing on Documents Tab)
  • IP65 terminal box for connecting power cables to the stator windings;
  • quick fittings for cooling system hoses (4 pcs.);
  • instruction for connection and operation;
  • shipping container.

Additional equipment:

  • Standard shaft-insert (see outline drawing with “RS” index on the “Documents” tab);
  • special shaft-insert, made according to the customer’s requirements;
  • a set of parts for assembling an electric drive from several modules;
  • special motor mounting flange adapter (according to customer’s drawings);
  • external encoder with box and adapter for connecting to the main shaft;
  • stator winding temperature sensors (1 or 2 pcs.);


Rated torque (S1 mode), N*m:


Maximum torque, N * m:


Rated power, kW:

Rated speed, rpm:

Efficiency at rated rpm, %:

Rated torque, N·m 160-200 *
Maximum torque, N·m 210-280 *
Specific torque, N·m/kg 10-18 *
Module base weight, kg 16
Basic module dimensions, cm 242х225х170
Basic temperature range, oС -50…+45
Modular scaling Yes
Rated efficiency, % >93
Rotor moment of inertia, kg·m2 0.01
Cooling type forced liquid
Operating temperature range, degrees Celsius -50…+45
Number of phases, pcs. 3/6 *
Stator winding connection Star connection
Protection class IP65/67 *
Earth terminal “yes”
Insulation class F/H *
Built-in temperature sensors, pcs. 0-2 *
Shaft connection keyed/splined *

(*) – the first value of this characteristic corresponds to the standard version, the rest – to the special version “L” or the individual customer’s specification.

Dimensional drawing iEM-06w-2500 HS Dimensional drawing iEM-06w-2500 HS
Dimensional drawing iEM-06w-2500 RS Dimensional drawing iEM-06w-2500 RS
3D Model iEM-06w-2500 HS 3D Model iEM-06w-2500 HS
] 3D-model iEM-06w-2500 RS ] 3D-model iEM-06w-2500 RS