Product code: TM0301000 / TM0301001

Basic aircraft electric motors are designed for electric drives and propulsion systems of medium unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

  • synchronous electric motor with independent excitation
  • nominal efficiency > 95%
  • weight – from 5 to 6 kg, depending on the configuration
  • built-in power keys of the control system
  • built-in encoder and temperature sensor
  • high torque – up to 100 H·m
  • external rotor design (rotating body)
  • dust and moisture protection
  • small inertia of the rotor
  • combined air cooling
  • optional propeller mounting adapter
  • no magnetic “sticking” of the rotor
  • efficient generator mode
  • patented composite stator (CCSC) and rotor (MFF) construction

   Wide temperature rangee   Absence of magnetic cogging ensure noiseless operation without vibration   Patented CCSC composite stator design   Special coating of the body for protection against damage and weather influences

   Built in absolute encoder for accurate rotation control      

Application examples:

AEM-08 2600



Electric motors of the AEM-08 series have the following modifications:

AEM-08E-ER CW/CCW – standard air-cooled version with built-in encoder, temperature sensor and basic specifications. Priorities are low price and maximum import substitution while ensuring high specific characteristics.

AEM-08LE-ER CW/CCW is a version with improved or maximum specific characteristics compared to standard AEM-08E-ER modules.

Priority – high or limiting specific characteristics in its class (specific torque or specific power). Limited import substitution for the Russian Federation, since imported materials and components are used to obtain the best specific characteristics. As a rule, they are produced in limited quantities due to the relatively higher cost of products of this modification.

AEM-08LNE-ER CW/CCW is a special package with built-in encoder, temperature sensor and power control switches.

Depending on the main direction of rotation of the propeller, AEM-08 series electric motors have the indices “CW” (primary clockwise rotation) and “CCW” (basic counter-clockwise rotation).

Basic equipment:

The basic package of AEM-08E-ER includes:

  • electric motor AEM-08E-ER;
  • built-in encoder with 2m cable;
  • built-in temperature sensor;
  • instruction for connection and operation;
  • shipping container.

Additional equipment:

  • adapter insert for a propeller according to the customer’s request;
  • additional temperature sensor;
  • built-in power keys of the control system.

Rated torque (S1 mode), N·M:

Number of phases:

Operating temperature range, °C:

Insulation class:


Protection class:

Moment of inertia of the rotor, KG·М²:

Supply voltage, V:

Rated phase current (for Uf = 220V), A:

Specific torque @ rated power, N·M/KG:

Unit weight, kg:

Efficiency at rated rpm, %:

Maximum torque, N·M:


Rated torque, N·m 30-40 *
Maximum torque, N·m 90-110 *
Specific torque, N·m/kg 6-22 *
Basic weight of the module, kg 5
Basic module dimensions, mm Ø255×70
Basic temperature range, oС -50…+45
Modular scaling “no”
Rated efficiency, % >95
Rotor moment of inertia, kg·m2 0.03
Cooling type air combined
Number of phases, pcs. 2
Stator winding connection “star”
Protection class IP65
Ground terminal “no”
Insulation class F/H *
Built-in temperature sensors, pcs. 1-2 *
Shaft connection studs M8 (4pcs)

(*) – the first value of this characteristic corresponds to the standard version, the rest – to the special version “L” or the individual customer’s request.

Dimensional drawingi AEM-08-ER
3D model AEM-08