Product code: TM0302010 / TM0302011 New

Electric drive for multi-rotor UAS with takeoff weight up to 250kg

  • high degree of dust and moisture protection – IP65
  • built-in power keys of the control system
  • nominal drive efficiency (motor + control system) >96%
  • rated speed – 3’000 rpm
  • maximum power – 14.4 kW
  • rated voltage of the power supply – 98V DC
  • weight – 4 kg
  • built-in encoder and temperature sensor
  • design with external rotor (rotating body) and self-cooling
  • high speed of reaction and change of modes of operation due to the ultra-low inertia of the rotor
  • interchangeable propeller mounting adapter

Base model


Unique characteristics:

The AEM-05 3000 electric drive model has a host of unrivaled features and technologies that make it the best solution in the category of medium unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) with an electric or hybrid multi-rotor propulsion system with takeoff weight up to 250kg:

First of all, it is a hermetically sealed case AEM-05 3000 with a degree of dust and moisture protection IP65! Such a high degree of protection is not provided by any other similar serial electric drive for medium UAS. Why is this so important specifically for the moderate ALS category? The fact is that during vertical takeoffs and landings, especially from unprepared surfaces, propellers raise a large amount of dirt and dust, which can quickly damage the stator windings of a traditional electric motor if it has a leaky housing design. The sealed motor housing will also be appreciated by users of agricultural drones designed to spray chemicals, which can now be washed off with a pressure washer after each use.

Secondly, the high nominal efficiency of 98.5% of the AEM-05 electric motor, approaching the limit, thanks to the patented technologies CCSC. Such a high efficiency makes it easier to remove excess heat from the stator windings, and the absence of an iron anchor in the stator design provides a high overload capacity of the electric drive in take-off or emergency situations.

Thirdly, for the first time in this category, UAS electric drives AEM-05 3000 have built-in power switches of the control system directly in the motor cooling system! As a result of such integration, there is no need to use a separate heatsink for power switches, which significantly reduces the total weight of the electric drive, increases its efficiency and manufacturability of the UAS design.

And finally, the ultra-low inertia of the rotor AEM-05 3000 ensures the change of operating modes in a fraction of a second, including the transition to emergency mode.

Major modifications:

Depending on the main direction of rotation of the propeller, electric motors of the AEM-05 3000 series have two modifications:

AEM-05 3000CW (art. TM0302010) – for the main direction of rotation of the propeller clockwise;

AEM-05 3000CCW (art. TM0302011) – for the main direction of rotation of the propeller counterclockwise.

Basic equipment of electric drives AEM-05 3000:

  • electric motor AEM-05 3000CW or AEM-05 3000CCW;
  • titanium propeller mount adapter;
  • built-in power switches of the preamplifier control system;
  • built-in encoder;
  • built-in temperature sensor;
  • connecting cables 2m;
  • instruction for connection and operation;
  • shipping container.

Additional equipment:

  • adapter for a propeller according to the customer’s request;
  • additional temperature sensor;
  • external block of the engine management system controller;
  • propeller.

Rated torque (S1 mode), N·M:

Maximum torque, N·M:

Specific torque @ rated power, N·M/KG:

Unit weight, kg:

Operating temperature range, °C:

Efficiency at rated rpm, %:

Moment of inertia of the rotor, KG·М²:

Modular scaling:


Number of phases:

Protection class:

Cooling type:

air combined

Ground terminal:


Insulation class:


Built-in temperature sensors, pcs.:

1-2 *

Shaft connection:

studs M8 (4pcs)

Rated power, kW:

Maximum power, kW:


Voltage of invertor drive, V:

Connection of stator windings:


Rated phase current, A:

Maximum phase current, A:

Rated speed, rpm:

Speed range, rpm:


Dimensional drawing of AEM-05
AEM-05 3D model