Product code: TSM01120H0
  • Special version of the traction electric motor for drones with record torque in its class
  • Rated torque 20 N*m (S1 mode)
  • Built-in absolute encoder for accurate rotation control
  • Absence of magnetic cogging due to the patented CCSC-3 technology
  • Lightweight aluminium body design with hollow shaft and outer rotor
  • Efficiency up to 98.5%
  • Weight 3.6 kg


Wide temperature range   Absence of magnetic cogging ensure noiseless operation without vibration   Composite 3-phase CCSC-3 stator   Rotor with nickel-plated permanent neodymium (NdFeB) magnets   Durable body coating protects the surface from mechanical damage and weather exposure

Air cooling   Built in absolute encoder for accurate rotation control   Power coefficient is 0,98   Magnetic Field Focusing techology for output power increase by 25%


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If the developers of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of medium payload set themselves the task of increasing the number and area of propeller blades, then the EM-07L-ER 3000 electric motor model is what you need! Special synchronous electric drives for medium-sized UAVs based on EM-07L-ER 3000 provide a record (in their class) specific torque at rated power – 7.4 N * m / kg! At the same time, EM-07L-ER 3000 has a phenomenally high efficiency – up to 98.5%! To achieve such high specific characteristics in the design of the EM-07L-ER 3000, imported composite materials and other expensive components are used, which limits their scope in comparison with the standard version of the EM-07-ER-3000.

The excellent performance and reliability of the EM-07L-ER 3000 electric motor will be highly appreciated by the developers and manufacturers of medium-duty aircraft, ensuring the successful implementation of projects such as “aero-taxis” or delivery of mail cargo, where the take-off weight of the aircraft together with the payload can reach 250 kg and high safety requirements are imposed.

High efficiency of EM-07L-ER 3000 allows to provide the maximum possible flight time on one battery charge.

The small dimensions of the EM-07L-ER 3000 and the axial arrangement with an external rotor (rotating body) enable developers to easily integrate this electric motor into almost any UAV by fixing the propeller directly to the motor body.

Electric drive EM-07L-ER 3000 with a fixed fragment of the propeller

Electric drive EM-07L-ER 3000 with a fixed fragment of the propeller


The high torque of the EM-07L-ER 3000 electric drive allows UAV designers to use propellers with an increased number and size of blades.

The built-in absolute encoder EM-07L-ER 3000 allows the UAV control system to accurately control all rotation parameters of each propeller and successfully implement all modern monitoring, control and safety tools at the software level

Reinforced composite stator

Reinforced composite stator CCSC – the most durable part of the EM-07 electric motor

Despite its low weight, EM-07L-ER 3000 has high mechanical strength due to the CCSC composite stator, which uses modern heat-conducting compounds and reinforcing elements. The patented design of the CCSC stator ensures almost complete absence of the so-called “magnetic sticking” (<0.1 N * m), as well as the maximum power factor with cos φ = 0.98!

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Rated power, kW:

Rated speed, rpm:

Voltage of invertor drive, V:

Speed range, rpm:

Number of phases:

Rated phase current, A:

Maximum phase current, A:

Efficiency at rated rpm, %:

Insulation class:

Operating temperature range, degrees Celsius:

Rated torque (S1 mode), N*m:

Maximum torque, N * m:

Protection class:

Dimensions, mm:

Unit weight, kg:

Moment of inertia of the rotor, kg*sq.m:

Dimensional drawing EM-07L-ER Dimensional drawing EM-07L-ER
3D-model EM-07L-ER 3D-model EM-07L-ER