Product code: TM0404000

Liquid-cooled basic servo motor

  • Continuous high torque operation – 80 to 115 Nm
  • base weight – 4 kg
  • Ultra-low rotor inertia
  • liquid forced cooling
  • individual equipment with encoder and frequency converter

Special coating of the body for protection against damage and weather influences  Wide operating temperature range       uilt-in absolute encoder for precise vector control of rotation



sEM-07w series servo motors have the following modifications:

sEM-07w is the standard version with forced liquid cooling and basic specifications. Priorities are low price and maximum import substitution while ensuring high specific characteristics.


sEM-07Lw – individual liquid-cooled modifications with improved or maximum specific characteristics relative to standard s modules EM-07w. Priority – high or limiting specific power characteristics in its class. Limited import substitution for the Russian Federation, since imported materials and components are used to obtain the best specific characteristics. As a rule, they are produced in limited quantities due to the relatively higher cost of products of this modification.



Standard sEM-07w / sEM-07 Lw includes:

  • servo motor sEM-07w / sEM– 07Lw with flange mounting and keyed shaft;
  • terminal box with cable entry and degree of protection IP65;
  • quick fittings – 4 pcs
  • instruction for connection and operation;
  • shipping container.

Additional equipment:

  • shaft with a shank according to the customer’s specification;
  • special motor mounting flange adapter (according to customer’s drawings);
  • external encoder with box and adapter for connecting to the main shaft;
  • Frequency converter for servo drive.


Rated torque (S1 mode), N·M:

Maximum torque, N·M:

Specific torque @ rated power, N·M/KG:

Unit weight, kg:

Operating temperature range, °C:

Modular scaling:


Moment of inertia of the rotor, KG·М²:

Cooling type:


Number of phases:

Protection class:

Ground terminal:


Insulation class:

Built-in temperature sensors, pcs.:


Shaft connection:

Ø 22мм*55мм, key


Rated torque, Nm 75
Maximum torque, Nm 97
Specific torque, Nm/kg 20-27
Basic weight of the module, kg 3,6
Basic module dimensions, mm Ø128×140
Base temperature range, oC -50…+45
Modular scaling “no”
Rated efficiency, %
Moment of inertia of the rotor, kg m2 0.01
Cooling type aerial
Number of phases, pcs. 3
Protection class IP65
Ground terminal “yes”
Insulation class H
Built-in temperature sensors, pcs. 1
Shaft connection diam. 22mm x 55mm key