Product code: TSM012141W
  • liquid-cooled synchronous traction motor
  • rotation range 0 – 2400 rpm
  • maximum power in S2 mode – 46 kW
  • maximum torque (S2 mode) – 190 N * m
  • hollow shaft modular design
  • efficiency up to 94%
  • weight 12 kg


Специальное покрытие корпуса для защиты от повреждений и атмосферных влияний

Широкий диапазон рабочих температур


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Rated power, kW:

Rated speed, rpm:

Supply voltage, V:

Speed range, rpm:

Number of phases:

Rated phase current, A:

Maximum phase current, A:

Efficiency at rated rpm, %:

Insulation class:

Operating temperature range, degrees Celsius:

Rated torque (S1 mode), N*m:

Maximum torque, N * m:

Protection class:

Unit weight, kg:

Dimensions, mm:

Specific torque @ rated power, N*m/kg:

Moment of inertia of the rotor, kg*sq.m:

Dimensional drawing iEM-05w-Mk2 Dimensional drawing iEM-05w-Mk2
3D Model iEM-05w-Mk2 3D Model iEM-05w-Mk2