Product code: TM0201001
Application example of a power modular servo drive for valves
  • synchronous high-torque electric motor for gearless automated systems and power servo drives
  • record specific torque in its class not less than 10.0 N·m/kg (in S1 mode)
  • modular hollow shaft design
  • versions with forced cooling
  • built-in absolute encode
  • low inertia of the rotor
  • compatibility with common industrial frequency converters for synchronous motors
  • weight 12.5 kg


Hollow shaft modular design   Composite materials in stator and rotor design   Durable body coating protects the surface from mechanical damage and weather exposure   Wide temperature range   Forced liquid cooling

Low rotor magnetic "sticking"   Built in absolute encoder for accurate rotation controlBase model


Electric drives based on the iEM-05w-625 electric motor module allow you to create power servo drives with the required positioning accuracy, which is set by an external encoder. The high torque of the iEM-05w-625 can either significantly reduce the reduction ratio of the power servo drive, or completely get rid of the mechanical gearbox, which significantly increases the reliability and efficiency of the electric drive. This opens up a wide field of application of the iEM-05w-625 electric motors in robotics, machine tool construction and other industrial automation systems.

Increasing the number of iEM-05w-625 modules in the drive in the range from 1 to 3 pieces provides the possibility of proportional scaling of the drive torque and power.


one-module electric drives iEM-05w-625two-module electric drives iEM-05w-625three-module electric drives iEM-05w-625













– one-, two- and three-module electric drives iEM-05w-625

Graphs of the dependence of power and torque on the speed of the iEM electric motor when the number of modules in the electric drive changes from 1 to 3 pieces

The graph of the dependence of the rated torque (Mnom) and power (Pnom) on the speed (n) for one, two and three iEM modules as part of the electric drive, where N is the rated speed

Intelligent drive of shut-off valves based on 2-module electric drive iEM-05

– intelligent drive of shut-off valves based on 2-module electric drive iEM-05w-625


Servo drives based on the iEM-05w-625 electric motor must be equipped with an external encoder with the required positioning accuracy and a frequency converter to control the electric motor. The selection of an encoder and a frequency converter for a servo drive is carried out by our engineers on the basis of the customer’s terms of reference (TOR).

Key advantages of power servo drives based on iEM-05w-625 high torque electric motors:

  • constant high torque throughout the entire speed range;
  • 2-4 times smaller dimensions and weight, which ensures high compactness and mobility of the system;
  • high speed due to low inertia of the rotor;
  • resistance to short-term overloads allows for a short-term development of a torque that is 2-3 times higher than the nominal
  • high reliability due to reduction of steps or complete rejection of a mechanical gearbox, as well as the possibility of modular redundancy;
  • absence of overcurrents during acceleration of the electric motor;
  • ultra-low inertia of the iEM-05w-625 rotor ensures high speed of the servo drive;
  • low costs for periodic maintenance, long service intervals;
  • high efficiency (up to 94%) ensures a 15-25% reduction in power consumption compared to classic gear and asynchronous electric drives.

Rated power, kW:

Maximum power (dir. S2), kW:


Rated speed, rpm:

Supply voltage, V:

Speed range, rpm:

Number of phases:

Rated phase current (for Uf = 220V), A:

Maximum phase current, A:

Efficiency at rated rpm, %:

Insulation class:

Operating temperature range, °C:

Rated torque (S1 mode), N·M:

Maximum torque, N·M:

Protection class:

Unit weight, kg:


Specific torque @ rated power, N·M/KG:

Moment of inertia of the rotor, KG·М²:

Cooling type:


Coolant consumption, l / min:


Rated phase current, A:

Dimensional drawing iEM-05w-625 with encoder Dimensional drawing iEM-05w-625 with encoder
3D model iEM-05w-625 with encoder 3D model iEM-05w-625 with encoder