Product code: TM0401000 / TM0403000

Basic air-cooled servo motor

  • high torque – from 75 Nm
  • special “Peak Performance” versions with maximum performance (sEM-07L)
  • ultra-low rotor inertia
  • high degree of dust and moisture protection – IP65
  • air cooling
  • individual equipment with encoder and frequency converter

  Durable body coating protects the surface from mechanical damage and weather exposure  Wide temperature range      Built-in absolute encoder for precise vector rotation control

Application examples:

sEM-07 100


Standard basic models of servo motors sEM-07 and special versions sEM-07L are designed for use in high-precision power servo drives of CNC machines, machining centers, 3D printers and other industrial automation systems, robotics and mechatronics.

Thanks to their impressive torque with ultra-small weight and dimensions, servo motors of the sEM-07 series allow you to partially or completely eliminate the mechanical gearbox as part of the power servo drive!

sEM-07 servomotors can be used without forced air cooling of the servomotor housing in short-term operating modes S2 and S3 (in accordance with GOST IEC 60034-1-2014) in compliance with the time parameters specified in the operating instructions. In continuous mode S1 and continuous-periodic modes S4-S10, forced air flow may be required to blow the servomotor housing, the intensity of which depends on the selected operating mode and the parameters of the repeating cycles.

To control servomotors of versions sEM-07 and sEM-07L, the custom servo drives use universal or specialized 3- or 6-phase frequency converters designed for vector control of synchronous multi-pole servomotors with external feedback.


Servomotors of the sEM-07 series have the following modifications:

sEM-07 is a standard air-cooled version with basic features. The priorities are low price and maximum import substitution while ensuring high specific characteristics.


sEM-07L – customized air-cooled modifications with improved or maximum specific characteristics relative to standard sEM-07 modules. The priority is high or maximum specific characteristics in its class (specific torque or specific power). Limited import substitution for the Russian Federation, since imported materials and components are used to obtain better specific characteristics. As a rule, they are produced in limited quantities due to the relatively higher cost of products of this modification.



The basic package of sEM-07 / sEM-07L includes:

  • servomotor sEM-07 / sEM-07L with flange mounting and keyed shaft
  • terminal box with cable entry and degree of protection IP65;
  • instructions for connection and operation;
  • shipping container.

Additional equipment:

  • shaft with shank according to the customer’s specifications;
  • special flange adapter for engine mounting (according to customer drawings);
  • external encoder with box and adapter for connection to the main shaft;
  • frequency converter for servo drive.


Specific torque @ rated power, N·M/KG:

Operating temperature range, °C:

Modular scaling:


Moment of inertia of the rotor, KG·М²:

Cooling type:


Number of phases:

Protection class:

Ground terminal:


Built-in temperature sensors, pcs.:


Shaft connection:

Ø 22мм*55мм, key

Rated torque (S1 mode), N·M:

Maximum torque, N·M:

Unit weight, kg:

Insulation class:


Rated torque, Nm 75 *
Maximum torque, Nm 97 *
Specific torque, Nm/kg 11.5-15 *
Basic weight of the module, kg 6.5
Basic module dimensions, mm 200×115×145
Base temperature range, oC -50…+45
Modular scaling “no”
Rated efficiency, %
Moment of inertia of the rotor, kg m2 0.01
Cooling type aerial
Number of phases, pcs. 3/6
Protection class IP65 *
Ground terminal “yes”
Insulation class H *
Built-in temperature sensors, pcs. 1
Shaft connection Ø 22mm x 55mm key

* – these characteristics can be significantly higher for special versions of “Peak Performance”, which have the index “L” in the model name and a black anodized case.

Dimensional drawing sEM-07
3D model sEM-07
3D model sEM-07L