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  • synchronous drive electric motor for small electric vehicles with direct-drive wheels
  • outstanding specific power-to-weight ratio up to 1 kW/kg (S2 mode) in its class
  • torque up to 80 N*m (S2 mode) in full RPM range
  • built-in absolute encoder
  • no magnetic cogging due to unique combination of CCSC® and MFF® Technologies
  • efficiency up to 98.5%
  • weight 11 kgs

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Synchronous electric drives based on the EM-I-EM 1500 motor offer prospects for putting into practice the popular idea of a high-efficiency compact direct drive motor-wheel for small electric vehicles (SEV), both electrical and hybrid cars.  Replacement of low-efficiency gear-motor drive with a direct-drive torque motor EM-I-ER 1500 makes it possible to increase the product reliability and to reduce maintenance costs of electrical vehicles. Furthermore, the motor’s higher efficiency increases kilometerage resource of a battery.

Due to small size and axial design with rotational body (rotor), EM-I-ER 1500 motor can be easily built in any motor-wheel body with minimum number of coupling elements. Thereby, extra low weight (only 11 kgs!) ensures small sprung weight of drive wheels. Strengthened spindle of this synchronous drive is meant for impact load of drive wheels up to 500 kgs of SEV and warrants a high resource of motor-in-wheels at any scheme: 1×2, 2×2, 2×4 or 4×4. 

привод EM-I-ER 1500 ведущего мотор-колеса со ступицей и маятниковым рычагом подвески

Drive wheel based on EM-I-ER 1500 with a wheel hub and pendulum suspension arm


The synchronous electric drive EM-I-ER 1500 provides the rated (or the peak) torque value in the full range of RPM, even at a low speed (beginning from ~ 0 RPM).

Due to high specific power and torque, the EM-I-ER 1500 motor is suitable for small electric vehicles with maximum power up to 50 kW and maximum total torque (4*4) up to 320 N*m.

The EM-I-ER 1500 shows high efficiency both in motor and generator modes, providing also a high torque value of electronic motor braking with effective energy recovery system.

Built-in absolute encoder of EM-I-ER 1500 motor ensures a precise control of rotational parameters of each wheel and implementation of all up-to-date means of transport control facilities: from electronic differential system to vehicle stability control.

We recommend to use EM-I-ER 1500 motor in the following small electrical vehicles:

motor-scooter and electrical motorbike;

– electrical quad bike;

– mini-electrocar;

– hybrid AT vehicle (with a hydrocarbon fueled power plant or ones employing fuel cell).

Advanced synchronous electrical drives of EM-I series offer prospects for development of small direct-drive electrical cars with electronic differential system instead of mechanical one.

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Rated power, kW:

Rated speed, rpm:

Voltage of invertor drive, V:

Speed range, rpm:

Number of phases:

Rated phase current, A:

Maximum phase current, A:

Efficiency at rated rpm, %:

Insulation class:

Operating temperature range, degrees Celsius:

Rated torque (S1 mode), N*m:

Maximum torque, N * m:

Protection class:

Dimensions, mm:

Unit weight, kg:

Specific torque @ rated power, N*m/kg:

Moment of inertia of the rotor, kg*sq.m:

Габаритный чертёж EM-IL-ER Габаритный чертёж EM-IL-ER
3D-модель EM-IL-ER 3D-модель EM-IL-ER